1. 15 Apr, 2017 17 commits
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      Add recovery code support for two-factor auth (#1773) · df4ff9a8
      Patrick Figel authored
      * Add recovery code support for two-factor auth
      When users enable two-factor auth, the app now generates ten
      single-use recovery codes. Users are encouraged to print the codes
      and store them in a safe place.
      The two-factor prompt during login now accepts both OTP codes and
      recovery codes.
      The two-factor settings UI allows users to regenerated lost
      recovery codes. Users who have set up two-factor auth prior to
      this feature being added can use it to generate recovery codes
      for the first time.
      Fixes #563 and fixes #987
      * Set OTP_SECRET in test enviroment
      * add missing .html to view file names
    • Amakasu Ryoma's avatar
      Update ja.jsx (#1822) · f0f6a327
      Amakasu Ryoma authored
      * Add getting_started.apps
      * Add search_results.total
      * Fix notifications.settings
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      Account search service refactor (#1791) · 40fd1de4
      Matt Jankowski authored
      * Begin coverage for account search service
      * Coverage for hashtag query
      * Coverage for calling local vs remote find based on domain presence
      * Spec to check that exact matches are not duped
      * Coverage of resolve option
      * Coverage for account being provided
      * Start to refactor account search service
      * Isolate query username and domain methods
      * Isolate exact_match method
      * Extract methods for local and remote results
      * Simplify local vs remote and account isoliation
      * Extract methods for local and remote results
      * Simplify de-dupe of exact match
      * Simplify logic to check for non exact remotes
      * Cache some methods
      * Remove nil from exact_match from results array
      * Return exact matches first
      * Use find_remote even with no domain
      Account.find_local is just an alias for Account.find_remote(user, nil) - so we
      can not bother with the conditional here, and call find_remote directly.
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      Refresh webfinger (#1323) · 31f0bcf8
      ThibG authored
      * Refresh local info for remote accounts when webfinger returns new values
      It only refreshes account info if one of the URLs or the public-key changes,
      in which cases it refreshes the full info, re-downloading the feeds from that
      Some special handling should probably be done when the public key changes,
      but I have been unable to find any use for it in Mastodon yet.
      * Re-fetch remote users we aren't subscribed to.
      This might induce performance issues, we might want to only do that for users
      we explicitly attempted to subscribe but failed to.
      * Refactor changes
      * Do not refresh existing remote account details more than once a day
      * Avoid re-fetching webfinger info in tests unless otherwise specified
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      Rename admin/accounts_helper to admin/filter_helper (#1816) · 09540192
      Matt Jankowski authored
      - Add some spec coverage for both methods
      - Add explicit constant call-outs for where the params are from
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      jslint: fix jslint warnings (#1704) · 08059ddd
      Koala Yeung authored
      * jslint: remove trailing space
      * jslint: fix no-nested-ternary issue
      Follow the jslint [no-nested-ternary](http://eslint.org/docs/rules/no-nested-ternary)
      rule. Rewritten ternary with if-then.
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      Update Traditional Chinese, HK (zh-HK) translation (#1759) · ec9999cd
      Koala Yeung authored
      * Fix missing string in javascript locale (zh-HK)
      * Change javascript locale (zh-HK)
      * Fix some other strings that were still English.
      * Improve `search.status_by`.
      * Fix `notification.follow`. ("開始開始你")
      * Changes according to user feedback.
        * "Back": "較前顯示" -> "返回"
        * "Home": "家" -> "主頁"
      * Update ruby locale (zh-HK)
      * Fix missing translation
      * Normalize yml
      * Update translation strings
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      Update nl.jxs (#1766) · 4ba6acd5
      Fjoerfoks authored
      Some rewording and switching to infinitive localization.
    • Ratmir Karabut's avatar
      Update Russian translation (#1733) · 5d8d8274
      Ratmir Karabut authored
      * Add Russian translation (ru)
      * Fix a missing comma
      * Fix the wording for better consistency
      * Update Russian translation
      * Arrange Russian setting alphabetically
      * Fix syntax error
      * Update Russian translation
      * Fix formatting error
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      Use site title on tags#show page (#1802) · cde1f37d
      Matt Jankowski authored
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      More Norwegian translations (#1805) · 4bebeb27
      Thor Harald Johansen authored
      * Working translation for Norwegian.
      * Fixes to Norwegian translation.
      * Further adjustments to Norwegian translation.
      * Further adjustments to Norwegian translation.
      * Yet more improvements to the Norwegian translation.
      * More Norwegian translations. Better terminology.
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      Allow running mastodon on a different domain as the one used for identifying users (#1267) · a9529d3b
      ThibG authored
      * Allow running mastodon on a different domain as the one used for identifying users
      * Alter documentation of WEB_DOMAIN to make clear it shouldn't be used unless the admin knows what they are doing
      * Compare to web_domain instead of local_domain when dealing with feeds/API
      * Correctly identify mentions to local accounts
      Mentions URLs point to the person's web profile, i.e., the user page served on WEB_DOMAIN.
  2. 14 Apr, 2017 9 commits
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