Commit b8575516 authored by Keiji, Yoshimi's avatar Keiji, Yoshimi Committed by Eugen

fixed privacy mistake of japanese translation of privacy.change (#1832)

parent e28a5aab
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ const ja = {
"privacy.private.long": "フォロワーだけに公開",
"": "ダイレクト",
"": "含んだユーザーだけに公開",
"privacy.change": "投稿のプライバシーを変更2",
"privacy.change": "投稿のプライバシーを変更",
"report.heading": "新規通報",
"report.placeholder": "コメント",
"": "問題のユーザー",
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