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**Ruby on Rails** is used for the back-end, while **React.js** and Redux are used for the dynamic front-end. A static front-end for public resources (profiles and statuses) is also provided.
If you would like, you can [support the development of this project on Patreon][patreon] or [Liberapay][liberapay].
If you would like, you can [support the development of this project on Patreon][patreon].
[patreon]: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=619786
[liberapay]: https://liberapay.com/Mastodon/
[patreon]: https://www.patreon.com/mastodon
## Resources
- [Frequently Asked Questions](https://github.com/tootsuite/documentation/blob/master/Using-Mastodon/FAQ.md)
- [Use this tool to find Twitter friends on Mastodon](https://bridge.joinmastodon.org)
- [Quick start guide](https://blog.joinmastodon.org/2018/08/mastodon-quick-start-guide/)
- [Find Twitter friends on Mastodon](https://bridge.joinmastodon.org)
- [API overview](https://github.com/tootsuite/documentation/blob/master/Using-the-API/API.md)
- [List of Mastodon instances](https://github.com/tootsuite/documentation/blob/master/Using-Mastodon/List-of-Mastodon-instances.md)
- [List of apps](https://github.com/tootsuite/documentation/blob/master/Using-Mastodon/Apps.md)
- [Documentation](https://github.com/tootsuite/documentation)
- [List of servers](https://joinmastodon.org/#getting-started)
- [List of apps](https://joinmastodon.org/apps)
- [List of sponsors](https://joinmastodon.org/sponsors)
## Features
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